Community Rules

1) What’s posted in Dondo, gets exchanged in Dondo

To guarantee a secure experience, be sure to complete trades in-app. Sharing contact info in posts or questions isn’t allowed and will hurt your reputation.

2) Make sure what you post is allowed in Dondo

To maintain your security and that of all of users certain items and categories are not permitted. If you have any questions you can see our list of prohibited items.

3) Maintain a good reputation to become one of featured top users

Your reputation represents the satisfaction of other users you’ve transacted with and also is determined by following community rules. If you are able to keep your reputation high you will become a top user and your items will be shown on our featured feed.

4) Provide us with valid information

The engine of Dondo is trust; validating the identities of our users helps us foster a secure and trustworthy community which is why it’s essential that the info you input about yourself is correct.

5) Give an honest description of the items you post

Make sure to describe your item in detail, this includes accurate item condition, what accessories are included, and an accurate weight/size estimate to help quote shipment costs. Remember that an accurate description helps you improve your reputation and makes it more likely to become a top user!

6) Respond to offers promptly

If you don’t respond to pending offers we will assume you are inactive and we will hide your items until you let us know you are back; make sure to respond to offers to make the experience better for other users.

7) Don’t accept an offer that you aren’t sure about

8) Pack your items very carefully

An item that arrives in poor condition or broken affects your reputation. It’s imperative for our users to pack their items extremely well as the condition of your item upon arrival is your responsibility alone. Please consult our packing guide to see how to best protect your items.

9) Don’t send inappropriate messages and be aware of the experience of the other users

You are part of our experience! What you do as a user affects other users positively or negatively, this is why it’s important to treat other users like you would like to be treated. Make sure to take this account when you ask other users questions.

10) Contact support if you see suspicious or illegal conduct in the app.

Our users help us keep Dondo safe and fun. If you see any items or users that are illegal or suspicious please report the post and contact support.