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We're a community that's passionate about bartering

Get what you want by giving what you don't use anymore, securely swap items with the over 1M members of Dondo

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Post items you'd like to swap


Find items you want


Save money by bartering!

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Find what you're looking for or discover something new!

Discover what you can get in Dondo in exchange for something you don't use anymore, every day thousands of new items are posted in our community

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Negotiate swaps with over 1M Dondo users!

Swap your items and get new items you'll love without having to buy them!

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A secure community

We go to great lengths to ensure that Dondo is a secure community that is free of scammers

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Save money and get what you want giving what you have

By swapping goods and services you'll save the money you would be using to buy them.

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Reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment

Bartering helps us lower unnecessary and wastful consumption and reduces your impact on the environment.